Sales Process Optimization


Sales Opportunities are out there and each one of your salespeople interact and react to it differently, that is why you have different results towards sometime the same goals.


When Opportunities present themselves, the sales force of your company must be ready to make optimal use of them. The question is – is your sales team efficient enough and does it have the necessary resources for optimizing the sales process? Is your sales team everything you want it to be?


A study done over 650,000 sales people across different cultures and industries, by objective management group, a gold medal assessment winner for three consecutive years, showed that

  • 85% of sales people into companies do not have a sales process.
  • This one of the reasons why few of your sales people will sell effectively and consistently, few are stars sales people.


A Proven and Repeatable Sales process to Increase your numbers


Imagine a sales process that will take laggard people of your sales force and make them rain makers like the 20% top notch sales people that you already have.


All you have to do is create a proven and repeatable sales process that all your sales people can sell successfully


The sales process is what enables your company to generate leads and customers for your company and let your sales management become more focus and efficient. The process includes a series of systematic steps that involved in discovering potential targets, engaging them and presenting them with your offerings at an opportune moment and closing the lead. Sales process optimization is all about following a defined path to make a sale.


Why Bother About Sales Process Optimization?


It is often joked that a sales forecast is like weather forecast – hardly comes true. It may seem a little funny when put like that, but inaccurate sales forecasts aren’t exactly good for the company, as they can have severe financial impact on the business. Although it is an agreed fact that accuracy of sales forecasts should not be taken lightly, many sales heads, managers and reps tend to fail at delivering accurate forecasts.


Among the most common reasons for this include lack of a focused sales pipeline, poor pipeline management, not integrating the pipeline into the existing CRM, failure to update the systems in real time, and inaccurate data entry. To prevent this, and to enable the sales force to forecast the outcome and improve the likelihood of closing a sale, it is necessary to optimize the sales processes of the company and make easier to each one of the sales team.


A Solid Framework for Your Success


The first step we take to help you achieve sustainable sales results is to develop a framework that covers every phase of the sales process in an organized, orderly fashion. The sales framework is designed and developed according to your business’ unique requirements. We believe in making things simpler and easier for our clients.


That is why we develop a customizable framework that suits your existing tools, so that you can work on improving the existing process rather than replace it with a new one. We will redo the sales process if need be and map it to your company’s goals, and needs.


Most importantly, we will help you understand your sales process better so that together, we can find way to transition your sales force into adopting the best practices at every stage of the sales pipeline.


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