In-House Sales Effectiveness Academy

The sales and marketing dynamics of the corporate world are changing often. To keep up with the competition and to boost the performance of your marketing and sales team, you need to adopt new strategies and weed out outdated policies that are hindering your company’s growth. Training is the most effective tool in your arsenal to equip your sales professionals with the latest skills, tools and knowledge that can drive your company’s revenue up.

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs offers to companies two options:

  • Deliver in-house Training and coaching.
    • Sales, sales management and account management in-house.
  • Implement Sales Effectiveness tool box for companies to use it in-house by their staff all year long with guaranteed results.

Whatever a company is big or small we can fit all budgets

What We Do

Sales Effectiveness, training and coaching is necessary for the overall development and growth of your employees. As much as is a necessity, it is also time-consuming, which means it requires your employees to be away from work for a whole day, or even a week. When you want a sustainable cost-effective training solution that consumes less time, our in-house Sales Academy Solutions program is the best solution for you. Our in-house sales academy program include:


  • Development of sales team.
  • Assistance in hiring sales professionals at different levels.
  • Training programs for new hires and existing employees.
  • Certification programs for managers and associates.
  • Assistance in setting up and implementation of sales strategies that work for your company.
  • Assessment of your existing sales team’s performance and measure the performance indicators to determine what needs to be changed.

Why Choose WIN In-house Training?

 Developing an in-house sales team is better than hiring a professional training company for the task, right? Wrong!

Here are the top reasons why you should hire WIN In-house Training Academy for your sales training needs.

  • Our training programs aim at bringing in sustainable sales results.
  • Training and coaching sales team on the job, without wasting valuable time.
  • Introducing your sales managers and heads of departments to the latest marketing tools, technologies and strategies.
  • Sales managers can focus more on delivering marketing techniques and worry less about training employees.
  • Recruit able professionals confidently from the New Recruit Academy of WIN Sales & Marketing Programs.



With one package, you can enjoy five benefits and over a dozen features that deliver the desired results!

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