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Do you feel a state of unease among your staff?

Do you feel employees are disconnected with their management? Do Managers avoid conflict resolution among themselves and with their staff? Is communication failing at various levels? Are you losing your most promising elements to the competition? Time and efficiency wasted are a major impediment to your achievements. You need to address the situation, but first and foremost you need to diagnose the real ailments, and the exact reasons behind them.

Get the pulse of your organisation

Climate surveys take the pulse of an institution and give indications about its general health condition.

Information collected anonymously from all members of staff gives top management invaluable insight about the employees’ honest perception of the company, their ideas about improving work structures, environment, and communication. Many companies, especially successful ones, have been set in their ways for a long period, with little managerial contact with the base, and a reluctant approach towards making necessary changes. If not broke, why fix it?

Expected Results

Data from the survey will be presented to you in comprehensive and detailed form, allowing you to draw conclusions that will positively affect your business, and highly motivate your staff. We shall also present you with a set of recommendations concerning managerial behavior, training and development needs, enhancement of the working environment, and the adequacy of the existing company culture.