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You have all these incredible features and your outlets in your product, but we know that the buyer only cares about those who solve the pain.

Avoid the temptation to overload, this can kill your business. The more useless features you show, the less likely your chance of success is. This happens for a few reasons.

First, by showing irrelevant features, overwhelms the prospect and slows down your momentum. Second, the prospect will begin to think that your product is designed for someone else. Even if they find some features meet their needs, why should they pay too much for all the other features they do not need? They will start to think that they should continue to shop.

When we are in a sales conversation, our work is less to show, and more so that our customers can tell us how they will use our product.
Some questions to help you:

  • “Oh, you think it’s interesting, I’ve heard about a few of our customers, but I’m curious about what you’re interested in
  • “What results do you think this [feature] will produce for you?” (Puts the prospect in the mindset of being a user and makes them tell you something specially valid for them)
  • “How long do you think this could save you or your team?

If you have not incorporated questions like these, do so. This is a simple technique that works. What happens is that you naturally change the conversation about the solution, features and benefits to specific and valuable use cases for prospects.

You prefer to buy something that seems to be “right for you”, is not it? That’s the idea. To listen to many more such ideas click here.

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