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Do you get lots of “may be”, “let me think” or “I will think about it” after your first call with prospects?

Do you get lots of “may be”, “let me think” or “I will think about it” after your first call with prospects?

So far, I have posted lots of content which tells you about general mistakes in a sales call. Today we are going to talk about the situation when you do everything right but still, you got a “MAY BE” as an answer.

Most people subconsciously avoid decision making after the first conversation. Every sales guru knows and advice that one needs to guide the conversation to make the prospect to come to a decision.

But this is a tricky thing some time while guiding a conversation, salespeople become very pushy. So, the big question is, how do we guide the conversation while still making the prospect feel like they’re in control?

There is a very simple solution for this, set up an agenda before the meeting. It will align you and your prospect on a plan for the meeting and make sure you’re working on the same team to get one of three decisions about a next step:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Future meeting date & agenda (figuring out the next steps)

By following the above process, you are avoiding the “MAY BE” or “I WILL THINK ABOUT IT”. The main advantage of this process is that you are saving valuable time on the lead follow-ups.

This can feel awkward at first but if you practice it in your next meetings and make it your own, I promise you will start to see such positive results that you’ll want to use again and again.

If you have any specific questions or suggestions about the implementation of this process then ask me I am waiting for your comments.

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What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection.

When I first started selling, I had experience this scenario all the time.

I’d have a meeting thinking I totally nailed it, only for the prospect to go dark after my attempts to follow up.

What the heck was I doing wrong? Well there were a few things, I’d made a classic error: I’d failed to uncover the secret objection my prospect still had at the end of our conversation.

Unless you directly ask, it’s easy for a prospect not to reveal their actual objections to buying. Not only is it to hard for a prospect to pin down the objection on their own, but there’s a stigma associated with rejection, and they don’t want to feel like a bad person by doing it to you.

Also, although the prospect realized both a pain and solution, they were still stuck with an existing process and habit – which is hard to break.

On my side, there was still a lot of work to do if I wanted to consistently move these deals forward. The way you can motivate someone to make a change is to continue to play investigator. A few questions I like to use:

  • Do you want to change this? (sounds simple, but no one asks this)
  • Where would making a change like this sit on your priority list? (get specific, are you in their top three or bottom three? you can learn a lot here. maybe you can solve other priorities and they don’t know it yet)
  • How committed are you to changing this in the next ______? (this gives you a sense of timeline to close/implement assuming you’re on their priority list)

These questions sound basic, but surprisingly very few have a habit of explicitly asking them.

Let me know what is your strategy to face this situation?

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Have you faced this situation in a sales call? Let’s see how to fix!


Have you faced this situation in a sales call? Let’s see how to fix!


Here I am with another live experience and a valuable lesson and situation that sales people face on daily basis. I experienced this scenario every other day.

Sometimes a prospect will try to push you into giving a demo early in a conversation – we’ll talk about how to avoid this later in subsequent posts in details, but if it happens, here’s a quick fix. Let’s say you’re selling an amazing product to a prospect over the phone:

PROSPECT: “We need a new system and are evaluating options. Can you show me a demo?”

YOU: “Happy to do a demo. I want to make sure I show you the right parts of our system so do you mind if I ask you a few questions first so we can make the best use of our time?”

PROSPECT: “Sure.” (Most of the time)

Instead of getting straight into the demo, frame your first questions in a way that shows you’re trying to help them get the most for their time (which you will be) and they’ll appreciate it. Also make sure to note down every response and write down corresponding product solution points with your prospect’s responses.

I call the process this whole process of getting to the pain first “earning the right to pitch.” Next, I’ll walk you through a verbal tactic you can pair with this to close deals faster and more consistently.

Have you or someone on your team started selling the solution before you’ve ‘earned the right to pitch’? Click here and tell me about it.

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6 Great Sales Training Franchise Criteria for a Successful Start

Setting up a sales training franchise is a win-win situation, both for you as an entrepreneur and for companies that sign you up for training their sales personnel.

The rising demand for sales training has turned many experienced professionals towards this field, and in order to make your mark in the industry, you need to think a notch ahead of your competition.

A complete sales training franchise needs to have everything from the right experts, comprehensive management, budding talent, industry experience and of course effective marketing.

Wondering what makes for a  successful start for sales training franchise and what you need to do in order to race ahead of your competition? Here are the six basic criteria that you need to survive and stay ahead in the market. Take a look:

An Established Brand Name

One of the main advantages of going for a sales training franchise is that you get to work under an already established banner and this saves you a lot of time and resources needed to build your image from scratch. Therefore, it is important that when you are looking for a sales franchise, you go for a reputable and credible name that already has the right balance of skills, experience and credibility in the market.

A Skilled Training Team

A successful team of training and coaching professionals will instantly bring in more business and more success for your sales training franchise. When creating a team, it is helpful to select dedicated professionals who not only have the talent but also a thirst for knowledge. Doing so will establish a  sound name for your franchise in the initial stages as you will be better geared up to  coach sales teams from diverse industries and business areas.

Experienced Individuals

Though the concept of sales remains the same, a sales coach needs to have experience of dealing with  diverse markets and different industries. This industry experience helps different sales individuals gain equal knowledge and skills from them.

Technological Influence

Technology has completely taken over the world of sales and marketing and the tech savvy customers of today expect nothing less than utmost quality and convenience. Therefore, it is important to have an edge over the advanced technologies  that are in vogue in the sales world. This way you can better educate and arm sales professionals how to discover massive growth opportunities and unmatched success in their respective fields.

Dedicated Support is a must for a successful sales training franchise

A dedicated customer support service always spells instant success for your brand, no matter what type of business you are operating. When you are running a sales training franchise, you need to pay special attention to this aspect in order to win over more clients and let industry professionals know why they you are the best choice in the market.

Therefore, this is one important criterion that you need to focus on in order to make a successful entrance in the sales training world.

Marketing and Promotion

Last but not the least, making a unique mark in the sales training empire requires effective marketing and promotional tactics. Online marketing is a rage in this aspect, and can give your sales training franchise the leverage it needs to make a powerful start. And it goes without saying, once you begin on the right note, there is absolutely no looking back!

In the current economic climate, specialized sales training is important for every member of a sales team in a particular organization. This makes owning a sales training franchise a lucrative and profitable business venture that not only brings in massive profits today but also open doors to versatile opportunities in the future.



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4 Reasons a Sales Training Franchise is a Good Buy

A win-win situation for all, buying a sales training franchise not only brings guaranteed profits today but also gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons on long term basis.

It is no secret that sales training programs and coaching courses are ideal for a sales team based in any industry. Specialized sales training courses provide your company personnel the skills and expertise they need to leverage growth, bring in more customers and ultimately generate bigger profits for the company.

Credibility and reputation is the first thing most companies look for when searching for a sales training certification for their employees. And that’s where the importance of a sales training franchise comes in.

With a pre-established name and following in the market, owning a sales training franchise opens doors to more growth opportunities for you as you are working under an already established brand. Furthermore, you can build a professional team and combine your management skills with the years of experience that the franchise has in generating extensive sales leads.

Here are four top reasons to invest in a sale training franchise. Take a look:

Diverse Opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of setting up and running a sales training franchise is that it is not limited to one sector of the industry alone and there are endless opportunities for growth and success. The need of sales training is being felt by almost all industry sectors and global opportunities are also growing with each passing day.

In such an economic climate when the competition is getting fiercer and technology is reigning as the king, every organization is looking for an edge in the way they sell and most turn to sales training franchises for optimizing their growth.

High Margin profits, Low Investment

Owning a sales training franchise requires minimum startup costs and maximum returns. With a sales franchise, you are actually capitalizing on your skills and sales management experience to boost up the profits of your client.

As you start gaining experience and expertise in the market, your resume becomes more and more impressive bringing in more business and ultimately more recognition for your business franchise.

Flexibility in Service sales training franchise Operation

Unlike other business ventures, a sales training franchise can be operated from your home as well saving you a lot of investment in setting up an office, buying equipment etc. The ‘set and earn’ formula makes up for quick profits and instant success and also cements your credibility in the market for further career advancement and diverse opportunities in the future.

Rising Demand in the Industry

Gone are the days when sales training and coaching was needed at high flying organizations and corporate bigwigs only. Today, more and more businesses, big or small, are realizing the importance of professional sales training and its advantages in gearing for greater business reach.

With an increased appeal and demand in the market, a lot of companies big and small tend to go for certified sales training franchises to train and coach their teams and bring their sales targets in line with leading industry trends. This makes owning a sales training franchise a profitable and lucrative opportunity to enter the market and cement your credibility.

One of the main advantages of owning a sales training franchise rather than going for individual coaching course is that you can reap success quickly and effectively, work under an already established banner and receive an instant ROI as soon as your franchise goes live!

Thus, if you are interested in sales training and coaching, have the resources and expertise to make it big in the market and are searching for the perfect platform to showcase your skills and leverage or potential, buying a sales training franchise is your best bet!

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5 Sales Training Franchise Tips to Succeed in the GCC


Will a Sales training Franchise bring a high return on investment?

The sales department is the backbone of any business or organization, be it big or small.

From startup enterprises to established market pioneers, training the sales force and providing them the core knowledge of bringing in business is the first step towards corporate success. The very fact that sales training is the building block for any organization’s road to the top, makes a sales training franchise all the more important and increase their credibility as a smart business investment.

The Middle East and Gulf – Budding Ground for New Businesses is sales training franchise one of them?

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is an emerging name in the market and is often coined as ‘golden future’ by entrepreneurs around the globe.  Countries like Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar are rapidly advancing in the corporate sector and more and more businesses are being set up in the Middle East with each passing day. As the number of businesses in the gulf region grows, the need for sales training also increases which means setting up a sales training franchise in GCC is a smart move at the moment.

However, to keep your sales training franchise up and running with the latest trends in the market, it is important to focus on the right training topics and informative material that can help business particularly focused in the Gulf region. To make sure that your enterprise is a success, here are a few sales training franchise tips to follow. Check them out:

1.     Realize Your Target Market

The first thing that a sales training franchise should focus on is the needs and wants of their target audience. The GCC market is not fully established – and most of the businesses in that region are small or mid-sized companies.

Teaching and training their in-house sales staff requires patience and understanding. The tip for success here is to start from the very beginning and focus on networking basics, handling meetings and training sessions, calling speeches and briefings and providing them the right tools to make the most out of their potential.

2.     Focus on Peoples’ Skills As Well As Customer Psyche

The fundamental secret of success for a sales training team is to master people’s skills and communication abilities. However, making the sales team realize the customer psyche and then approach the target market with the right attitude is also of extreme importance.

For a sales training franchise to excel in the GCC and Middle East, it is important to focus on both these points so that the in-house sales training team can win over more and more clients and spell instant success for their company!


3.     Understand Trends in sales training franchise

The trends and tides are changing and the sales market is no longer how it used to be a decade ago. Though face-to-face marketing is still there, it is online B2B sales and internet marketing that has taken the business world by storm. Thus, it is extremely important for a sales training franchise to make sure that these points are covered when training the sales personnel on approaching and communicating with customers.

4.     Growth Comes with Passion

Though pushing the team to perform up to their potential is important, sometimes it is just not enough. Motivating the sales personnel on an individual as well as team level is the secret of success for any sales training franchise. When training individuals, who are part of startups or small sized organizations, one should always realize the individual potential of every member of the team so that the opportunities of growth are maximized.

5.     Networking Never Stops

Researching and networking are the key criterions when it comes to a successful sales team. For a sales training franchise operating in GCC, it is important to make every team member familiar with the local market trends and work in conjunction to bring maximum sales conversion for the organization.

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Sales training franchise how to build your sales business

Sales  force performance of a business organization is a major determining factor of its revenue. However, this depends on the sales strategy  adopted by the firm. Is a specialized sales training franchise can help build sustainable sales performance?

Whether you are in the business of selling fashion products, real estate or automobile sales teams must be able to learn psyche of their customer and persuade them to create strong and loyal customer base. To garner robust performance businesses organizations must have strong sales force to plan, design, execute result driven sales strategies and deliver the expected results..

Certified sales training franchise assists businesses to select, develop, train and certify their sales force with cutting edge strategies besides teaching them arts of winning hearts of their audience.

How Sales Training Franchise is Vital

Result driven Sales force performance are obtained after working on system, process and the sales force. However with sales training franchise , the sales force performance  is a crucial element to increase sales. Your sales people can commit themselves to fast track training modules which spark innovative side of each salesperson besides boosting its confidence and customer services skills. Efficient sales skills coupled with customer care services allow your sales team to take the prospective clients from hesitant, skeptical to a committed and loyal fan of yours. This is important if your one client is happy then he will discuss it with 10 or more friends.

Sales force performance, what is it all about?

Sales training franchise designed industry specific sales training programs to cater to sales techniques and skills for diverse industries and to boost the sales force performance through implementing adequate and specific sale process to the a specific industry. This is important because what works in indoor selling might not work in when salesperson is in the field where he has to convince prospects through face to face interactions. Similarly, sales strategies of a financial services business also vary from that of selling telecommunication products. This stems from the varied expectations and perception level of customers from different products. Training teams at sales training franchise has well qualified and highly experienced people from diverse industries and adopt practical methods to hone presentation skills of sales people.

The expert in you that companies look for 

Sales training and sales force performance programs enable your sales team to achieve the business goals effectively. The practical methodologies as adopted in sales training franchise pedagogy motivates even the youngest and fresher sales person and prepares him to face any challenge coming in way of realizing marketing goals. Sales training has catalytic effects on the talent, skills as well as performance of your sales team. They are more confident, communicate effectively and convincingly.

Members of sales team of a professional organization are also made aware of the laws regulating sales and marketing of particular products or services. This is extremely important as violations of rules can land one in trouble. You must ensure sales teams are thoroughly educated so that they are able to comply with the ensuing regulations.


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Franchise Sales training: 4 keys to success

A  franchise can help start up companies in different ways.This is due to the fact that at this point the business is setting up its operations and the right guidance through proper sales training franchise can really benefit.

The entire success of the sales training franchise relies on the operations the business has to carry out. It is important that the business model is implemented properly and the training session of this business model replicates the process with ease.

As per the British franchisee association:

  • 90% of franchisees have satisfactory relations with their franchisor, the highest proportion recorded over the past ten years.
  • 81% of franchisees believe they have a competitive advantage (over other small businesses) as the result of running a franchised business.

The Key to a successful Sales Training Franchise

Key 1: sales training

A good sales training franchise system does not cater to sales alone. They accept the entire company and cater to each and every department of the company. This results in the franchisee becoming the business and running all parts and every aspect of the company’s operations. Once the training is complete, it is important for the members who have gone through the training to train other employees in the company. It does not matter what department the employee belongs to.

Key 2: operation implementation

They have to explain the entire operations and assist the new employees at every step in the beginning. It is important that these franchises understand the entire system before they depart their knowledge to others. The sales training franchise process may seem long but is worth all the trouble.

Key 3: follow the system, do not reinvent the wheel

Usually people who own a franchise are entrepreneurs and have the will to buy and run a business. However, during their sales training process, they have to work through the entire process to understand how the operations of the company run. Companies who have opened their franchises over the world have a very good sales training system. These companies follow this system and are rigid with the policies they have developed.

For example, if we look at the food industry, we see many franchisors who have their franchises all over the world. Before they promote their business to new people, they want their requirements fulfilled. Some will put the new  owners through a complete program where they are taught the entire process. Others will ask the franchise owner to be in a management position for a certain period of time before they are allowed to run the business.

Key 4: look into details

The become a  franchisee is easier that establishing a new business from scratch and buying service franchise is even easier, you can be up and running in a very short time. The process requires rigorous sales training in all aspects of the operations of the franchise. The franchisee is given a clear picture of what is required from him and the amount of work he will need to put in to make sure that the franchise is successful.”


Do you get lots of “may be”, “let me think” or “I will think about it” after your first call with prospects?
What happens to a prospect when they go dark and getting to the real objection.