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WIN Sales & Marketing Programs is your one stop shop for sales effectiveness solutions. Our goal is to grow companies’ sales and boost sales people’s performance.

Challenges we solve

Salespeople lacking necessary skills

Today’s customer behaviour has changed, what about your sales person’s selling approach?  Under performers lack necessary skills to respond adequately to the new selling trends.  Shifting from a transactional selling to a consultative approach become a must..

Ineffective sales management

Successful sales people do not automatically make great managers.  Talented salespeople are usually motivated to hunt and close business; Successful managers are leaders, motivators, developers and coaches for their teams.  What will it take to turn a salesperson into a great sales manager?

Bloated pipeline management

Most leads aren’t sales-ready and Managing leads on time, has become a complex matter. Increasing the frequency of closing hot leads and avoid wasting time on leads that are not ready to move forward is becoming a competitive edge. Easy to implement.

Inadequate Sales Compensation

The sales force is motivated by recognition and the money they can make. To drive the sales force forward, stay motivated and beat their targets a structured compensation plan that will aligned the board profitability goals and the business performance will encourage desired behaviour, and results. Does your sales compensation plan keep top performers from achieving all they can?

Striving for Sales Growth

We help companies boost their sales force performance and accelerate growth revenue as it is the essence of each business. If you are looking for answer why your sales results are not where you want them to be and what can be done to renew with growth, you landed on the right provider . We can help quickly enough in making your business renew with growth at your own pace.

Facing Uneven Sales Performance

Identifying the needs of your sales force requirements, mindset and capabilities is essential for bringing in more business for the organization. A focused Sales centric approach will help you dive towards success.

Struggling with long Sales Cycle

Sales Opportunities are out there and each one of your salespeople interact and react to it differently, that is why you have different results towards sometime the same goals and different speed in closing deals. CEO and Sales Managers add more value to the company sales results when they have an affordable and easy to implement system to skyrocket their performance that shorten their sales cycle…

Dealing with high salespeople turnover

We help you avoid  wasting time and money on sales candidates that won’t perform. We select candidates prior to any interview, so if he is hirable based on your company criteria’s, a meeting is set for you to interview. our process will fill your pipeline with talents and avoid wasting time meeting non-hirable candidates. Proven 95% accuracy  recognition. Discover how …

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WIN Sales & Marketing Programs, follow international sales effectiveness standards


The System is Flexible

Our work is based on selling skills and not culture. We provide theories, strategies, and tools for a successful business.

Exceptional Training

Your business needs exceptional training sessions and workshop programs designed around fostering leadership skills, improving marketing skills, and enhancing communication skills of your sales force.

Focused Objective

WIN Sales & Marketing Programs have a single focused objective, to make from each sales candidate, a professional money maker.

Designed by Experts

WIN Sales & Marketing  Programs are designed and developed by Sales Force Development Experts. Our courses are designed to help organizations & individuals achieve their strategic goals.

The Right Tools

If all your sales pitches and client relationship building efforts are going in vain, we can help your team with motivation, strategy, and management.

Something For Everyone

Whether you are an individual seeking professional growth or a company worried about fluctuating sales graph, we have trainings, courses and certifications to meet your specific needs.

Our Clients


I followed the Sales Management course, it was very interesting.
Nicolay Anisimov
I am immensely glad attending the certification. The trainer motivate me to study and never makes feel disappointed. I learned a lot and moving to the next job level. Thanks a million.
Jenkins Mukete
I have found the sessions very interesting and helpful. The course material replicated real life cases, and I found it useful to use in a multinational company such as the one I work for. The trainer had enough expertise to tutor and conduct the training and added a lot to my knowledge and most importantly , it shaped the way I think of an effective and efficient sales management process. Now I am able to structure my ideas better than before and I am starting to implement them in the real world.
Ibrahim Ballout
WIN Sales & Marketing Programs created for me an interface to learn from other salesmen across the globe and no wonder a month after completion of my course, I got another job with a Korean multinational company as a sales manager. I recommend WIN Sales & Marketing Programs to every salesman who want to move their sales skill and profession to the next level.
Divine Adeola
WIN Sales & Marketing Programs stands out of the crowd as they provide sales programs that are really tailored to the need of the business and individuals. They have been doing excellent follow-up and post training coaching session with the team. They have even gone far beyond that and has worked with the management team to develop the sales organization. I recommend WIN Programs to any organization looking for real development.
Ahmed Mostafa
HR Group / Al Manzil Electronics, UAE
Your input to our sales process and the forms we use has also generated big improvements in our pipeline analysis and opportunities management. I thank you again and looking forward to more cooperation.
Toni Haddad
CEO / Technica Industries, MEA

Sales Trainings


If you want to train a group of 10 or more, we can offer any of the existing seminars in their present format or customize them to your specific needs.

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WIN Sales and Marketing Programs delivers customized on-site classroom trainings, sales training webinars and/or online blended 24/7 sales.

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